Located in the center of Algarve, Alcantarilha is one of the last authentic villages of the South Coast. The Parish has 19,54 km² and an estimated population of 2540 inhabitants.

The toponym Alcantarilha, of Arab origin, derives from “al-Qantara”, that means “the small bridge”. This toponym is due to the fact that the river of Alcantarilha is crossed by a bridge, since the Islamic domain. The earliest vestiges of human occupation in Alcantarilha date back to the Paleolithic (40,000 to 10,000 BC).

Here you can fnd peace and quiet, kind inhabitants, a traditional market and and still be close to several beaches. As it is a small village, Alcantarilha is perfect for exploring through pedestrian walks, enjoying the typical architecture from the Algarve, as well as discovering various historical points of interest, namely the Main Church and the Bone Chapel.

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