A Cosy Nest – Home for your Romantic Getaway

Introducing A Cosy Nest


In the same spirit of A Wonderful Nest, A Cosy Nest is a centenary cottage, from the 1900’s. It combines the use of contemporary materials with shabby ones, creating an historic and romantic ambience. Designed especially for couples, A Cosy Nest is perfect for a romantic getaway.


History and First Renovation


The house belongs to our family and it was built circa 1900. It used to be a garage where the donkey carts were parked, before / after the agriculture works took place. The walls were made out of limestone and clay, whitewashed, the ceiling had a wood structure and was finished with portuguese ceramic roof tiles. There were no windows, only a wooden double door, to allow the carts to enter. The whole house consisted in one floor, with no partitions and was around 6 meters high.


The "Garage House", circa 1950
The “Garage House”, circa 1950


The first renovation took place in 2003, by my Grandfather, mainly because the structure of the roof had begun to rot. To avoid the rooftop’s fall, a new reinforced concrete structure was introduced in the house and the original walls were demolished. At this point, a second slab was added, as well as a flight of stairs. The house had now a first floor and a second floor. The wooden door was replaced by an iron one, wide enough to fit a medium sized passenger car, and an aluminum window was added, on the first floor.  The main purpose of the house was to serve both as a garage on the ground floor, and a small office upstairs, including a kitchenette and a bathroom.


The Garage House - 2003
The “Garage House” – Technical Drawings, 2003


The "Garage House" in 2003
The “Garage House” in 2003


Second Renovation – Becoming a Cosy Nest


This house was the first family house considered for renovation, even before A Wonderful Nest. The first ideas came in 2015: we took pictures, measurements and drew the first drafts. However, we decided to start with the house next door, A Wonderful Nest, commencing it’s renovation in April 2017.

It was only in January 2018 that the works in “The Garage House” began. Similarly to the house next door, the facade was kept intact, only restored.

The iron door and aluminum window were replaced by a wooden door and a wooden window, bought in second hand and restored. The ramp that existed in the entrance, for cars to go inside, was demolished and a stone still was added.



wooden door and window
Replacing the iron door and the aluminum window by a wooden door and window, January 2018


The ceramic floor, designed especially to handle the weight of a car, was covered with a laminated wooden floor, conveying the house a warm and cosy feeling.


existing ceramic floor was covered by a laminated wooden floor
Garage, January 2018 & Bedroom, May 2018


The wardrobe was fully restored and painted by us. You can see the whole renovation process here: DIY – How to Renovate Wooden Furniture


Living Room, May 2018
Garage, January 2018 & Living Room, May 2018


In terms of decoration, we chose bright and earthy tones, combined with golden details, that allow for a light and airy space.


Garage, January 2018 & Living Room, May 2018
Garage, January 2018 & Living Room, May 2018


Stairs with wooden railings, May 2018
Stairs finished in marble, January 2018 & Stairs with wooden railings, May 2018


The decor upstairs is mainly white
The decor upstairs is mainly white, completed with old antiques from the family. May 2018


The decor upstairs is mainly white
The kitchen is brand new, since the only work done in 2003 was the pre-installation. May 2018


A Cosy Nest today


Open as a Romantic Getaway since May 2018, A Cosy Nest has already welcomed more than 30 couples. We couldn’t be happier! Our hard work has proven to be enjoyable not only for the family, but also to a lot of visitors who come to the Algarve. We will be delighted to welcome you as well! You can make your reservation through Airbnb or by sending us an e-mail: isabelvargem@awonderfulnest.pt . See you soon!


a cosy nest
See you soon!





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