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Meet The Hosts

Get to know a little better who is behind the scenes and welcoming you at A Wonderful Nest!

Hi there, I’m Isabel!

I’m an architect who took the challenge of renovating these two centenary limestone houses combined into a spacious open space with a patio. With the help of family and friends, this house became alive and it’s the perfect romantic getaway.

I’ve lived abroad for many years, namely in Luanda, Berlin and New York and I’m passionate about meeting new people and different cultures, so it will surely be a pleasure to meet you. At the moment I’m living in Alcantarilha, right by A Wonderful Nest so I’ll be happy to show you around if that’s your will. See you soon!

Isabel Vargem

Hey! I’m Pedro!

I’m an architect and I’ve been living in Lisbon for most of my life, doing 3D images for architecture projects, while managing/hosting an apartment in Lisbon.
When I’m not doing any of those, I love to hike in the nature, swimming and photography, so I’m always up for those activities.
Afterwards, I moved to the Algarve for another 3D project. By the end of it I was about to move back to Lisbon just when I had the chance of working alongside Isabel. I’m the kind of guy who usually stands on the background, working my magic and I came just in time to finish this very same website.

Pedro Silva